Anxiety of Issuance

By Harry Streisand

I text my brother and ask him if he will paint a colonel in oils,
he says no and I promise to pay him with secrets. Continue reading →


Piano Concerto No.25 in C, K.503

I: Allegro

The heart is a sponge, sopping the rosewater of reminisced youth,
dwarfed in a frail, demented ocean of exhaustion and bones. It chews the sour
bread of a decadecreased skin, the wine of spilled years Continue reading →

Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (No.10) in E flat, K.365

I: Allegro

Parrots swoop into what I’m sure you’ll agree is the apogee
of what we means when we say ‘Georgian Landscape Gardening’
with a hint of tropical juice on their breath, till CLANG!!! ‘Hello dollies!
My name is Shangle Wishclod. Continue reading →

Terdus merula

By Jonathan Davies

worms and four worms and warm silky worms and five more worms
worming their way past the floor worms doing macrame
and the phwoar worms making foreplay
to a worm party in the dirt part of the
ground worm whose own worm is a loam worm
and a loan worm with small blue spectacles
teaching a stone worm how to wiggle like a worm
with no bone worm because it is known how worms
are sewn from stonewashed denim and worm-ridden suede
says a jade worm to a braided worm lecturing a short fat man-worm
on the racial history of the United States of America.