Anxiety of Issuance

By Harry Streisand

I text my brother and ask him if he will paint a colonel in oils,
he says no and I promise to pay him with secrets. Continue reading →


Piano Concerto No.25 in C, K.503

I: Allegro

The heart is a sponge, sopping the rosewater of reminisced youth,
dwarfed in a frail, demented ocean of exhaustion and bones. It chews the sour
bread of a decadecreased skin, the wine of spilled years Continue reading →

Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (No.10) in E flat, K.365

I: Allegro

Parrots swoop into what I’m sure you’ll agree is the apogee
of what we means when we say ‘Georgian Landscape Gardening’
with a hint of tropical juice on their breath, till CLANG!!! ‘Hello dollies!
My name is Shangle Wishclod. Continue reading →

Offertorium: Domine Jesu in D Minor, K. 626

There are many flavours of sorbet which are best on hot and ready lips;
one of these is mango, another is grapefruit, another is a flavour
I don’t recognise, plunged in a fruity perfume drawn
from the concert halls of Prague and Munich. Continue reading →