Jack Pedder


In a room there sat a man, and in this man burned a fire. Behind this man sat an imp, a gargoyle, and though he was surely grotesque the Lord reserved for him no special malice – for both these men were Jack Pedder.

Brought up from a child in the University of Nottingham where he increased in the knowledge of the liberal arts and by continuance in the knowledge of Scripture, Jack Pedder (good martyr of God and organ of the Lord) read privily to students and fellows parcels of divinity, Godliness, and mirth; instructing them in knowledge and truth. Jack Pedder (gargoyle and imp) would follow closely behind, testicle hanging thusly from his fly, face locked in gross contortion.

Jack Pedder, brother of Matti, commonly called Thaddeus, was crucified at Southwell. Later in his travels he is thought to have been thrust through with a pen by idolatrous pagans in Derbyshire. Pedder, of Leeds, and of Irish descent, preached the Gospel in Beeston, Wilford, and even in London, in which latter city he was later hung on a fig tree having been martyred by a spear. In the present day he wanders the streets of Lenton, Nottinghamshire, being beaten at length by revellers.