It, Per Se is a Nottingham-based writing and performance collective. Every member is incredibly famous and clever.

Jack Pedder

Jack Pedder is a pumping, gnashing, irritating sound poet who loves interracial sex. He writes mostly about Daniel Radcliffe and reads mostly about Teddy Hempstead. He is a spy from Yorkshire.

The greatest contemporary poet since Ronald Reagan.

Teddy Hempstead

Teddy Hempstead is still alive and hoping this claim will one day evoke pathos. He is a good, short, agile Jew with a magnificent brain and tremendous feeling for Bobby Kennedy. He writes about divine politics, men who move him (like Marco Rubio, who he loves, and Rudy Giuliani).

He likes to stride, consume, swim long distances, and cry.

Jonathan Taylor Davies

Jonathan is a vicious blonde man with features. His work often takes the form of mistranslated Chinese proverbs about birds. When he performs he never falls over.

– Nafees Mujtaba, 2016