Symphony no.7


Have you found me yet? I am here.

The trick, of course, is that of the many ‘theres’ I am sure you have investigated, mine is the only one that is hidden. If you approach from the North you will find my precise location obscured by great white peaks. These were easy to come by. Last June I waited, patiently concealed in your garden for several weeks, for the seed pods in your crop of snowdrops to turn yellow. I plucked them from under your nose, and these canaries did not sing. Perhaps you thought they had been harvested by a keen local gardener, but it was I, your good friend and secret-keeper. I spilled them like breadcrumbs from my rucksack while exploring the barren land, and they sprung into behemoths, lofty snow-tipped guardians. Rest assured these large gentlemen will not let me down. I sing to them every sunrise and my soft howling fills their valleys, reverberating and compounding sound on sound. Imagine three sopranos wailing wordlessly and tirelessly in immaculate harmony. I wrote this land an anthem and in return, it shields me.    

Thus far, then, you are thwarted from the North. Sneakily you may try to approach from any other direction. Be my guest. You will be foiled by hordes of trained birds. Avian life possesses a peculiar intelligence, which I have taught to hunt for prying eyes. The first glint of a looking-glass will trigger unending waves of gulls, auks, and ducks. My ongoing quest to become invisible eludes me, but here I discover myriad new ways to hide from sight. Recall our childhood spent in zoos and wildlife enclosures. You sat by my side during the many Animal Behaviour short courses whose learning I now employ. If you had passed me fewer notes and poems that knowledge would be yours too. No matter. We are compilations of Yesterdays, quite innumerable, far too many to browse for the information you will need to decode my plans and defenses. The libraries we build in life are too vast, brother, which is why I take copious notes.   

We have been at this game for some time, and though I cannot tire of it, I feel compelled to leave you with the following advice: choose any ocean, pick any star, find any sea-worthy vessel and salt eaten sea-captain. With these ingredients, set sail for me in any direction. Here the ships go to and fro, and Leviathan. I dwindle without you.

Find enclosed the seeds I borrowed,

p.s. Forgive the misspelling, I could not resist. You understand.


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