Bottled Letter #2

(Found hammered to a tree, near Regent’s Park. Below was a bird, which flapped away as I drew near.)

Are ye reading carefully my message? Do ye yet conceive why I have come?
Yes, you are correct – I come to spread my sunlight like butter on your hot, toasted brain. Like marmite I invite a ghostly aftertaste. Come summer, drench in light this place!

Meet HERE at 4pm in 20 years and you will see how ageing works. I will show you time writ large – how many robots will be here! labouring the bushes. I hope we remember to never be distracted by their beastly, metal bodies – I hope there are not too many robots developed with an eye on the sins of the flesh. I hope, in fact, that robots are not real and that I dreamed them. I can put up with all the rest.

Did you see that bird who was just here, who flew away? He was me, luring you to my soft tree. Reach out and be amazed how gentle it feels. Is this bark or moss disguised as bark? Or silk? Yes, I know I am amazing.

If you dig into the ground here you will find a mouse – he is a key. Take him elsewhere and when he begins to run you must follow. By the time you are exhausted you will be beside a large feast just for you. If you eat you will be cursed — not yet! First suckle on that gorgeous mouse until he turns into a balloon. If you pray and salute, salute and pray, as he treks helium across the sky, by the time he is out of sight the feast will be eaten and you will be saved!

At any point remember why it is not worth deferring – how hot the sun is, how beautiful the day is. And if you ever wake thinking ‘Yes, I will die’ you will hear the words I have given you and the warm will come out:

Dear Lord, grant us peace, peace that the world cannot
and send us very lovely rain all wetwetsplishysplash coming out of the heliosphere hothotnice moist little bunnies ooh ooh yum yum nice lovely rainy bunnies all over our faces smashed up like seabells twinkling their seaweed down our naughty necks oh yes
we are flowers flowers coming out of the ground we are flowers and we are golden fire and flowers we feel the heat on our flowers our petals our blooms give it a slurp down on planet earth oh! fire
playing hopscotch all the way to the sun..

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