Leaving Nottingham

A powerful vision of the future.
Do you just want things to change a little bit?
Rain god back and frisking chimneys.
“It faltered at his last attempt to beg permission to speak.”
To beg permission.
Remission: tennis; mission: love.
Not here or anywhere – and remember this:
known knowns,
things that we know,
and known unknowns,
which we know aren’t.
And unknown
which we don’t know
that we don’t know

“Headline: French Fries.”
Said by the murderer James French
shortly before hanging.
Gary Gilmore,
Norman Mailer.
Unhung; the neverhung.
No-one real has ever been-
“Let’s do it.”
Mass exodus of life(s) force(s);
phrases from French Revolution handbooks.
Phrases from unknown translators in French
Revolution handbooks.
Damaged books. Damaged borrowed books.
Coming up for air; I’m coming.
Car; money; power; diesel.
“I’ve got a fast car” – Chapman.
The Polish serial killer George
Chapman sings Fast Car and
is not a black lesbian.
“Is it fast enough that we can fly away?”
Mark David Chapman asks,
firing wildly into the dark,
looking famous.
Do you just want things to change a little bit?

Nottingham is a bonfire.
It seems to me this car is obviously sinking
into the brick, the tarmac,
into the road, all hot and heavy.
I’m afraid I’ve never heard of you
and we have- THERE ARE
A thick book of Californian airline law.
A segregated district page, a floating comma,
some kind of heavy paper falling.
Shelves unbuilt unbuilding themselves:
furling into a bag of black waste.
There are known unknowns.
Most of all perhaps a speck of paint.
Blue paint laid carefully
on some unpainted table,
recklessly discarded in an unpainted window.
Some unknown unknown joke
is here – no doubt waiting,
rigged to blow.
Waiting to be excavated.
The ‘chip chip’ sound of hands on stone.
Come friendly bombs and-

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