Sunday Morning

so for one thing you can fuck off my friend and no mistake
and also the peerer and the leerer and the fucking attic boy up there
strumming that big gay FAT DICK you better believe i’m going to WHOOP
your ass is so beautiful and yes i do believe in god,
and hugo chávez.
now get out of the fucking church you make me SICK
with desire and envy and lust and oh no my sick willy
is exploding all ploopy white green bits i am really a FUCKING SICK BASTARD
and no error on that score i am going to FUCK BLINDLY in the night
yes sir i have got a serious heat on, i have got some blue fucking balls
in my wallet this morning SIR and i daresay these blue boys would
have a much prettier time shoved up your tight cunt WHORE BITCH
i will slam you full of fucking cum you fucking shit licking bitch i am going to
have my violence if i can’t have my childhood and do not for ONE fucking
second think about my funeral in anything except the most unrealistic terms
because i promise you i’m going to be a long time living and a long time dying BABY.
i think it’s disgusting to walk into church with an ass. walk into CHURCH
knowing full well you have a droopy SKIN-FLAPPY assHOLE full of FUCKING SHIT
just hanging out behind you following you EVERYWHERE you are so typical
to not want to remove that fucking horse ASS from your body you are DISGUSTING
YOU COSMETIC PERVERT, i can see we’ve got a real MAST-UR-BATOR here boys
and i am going to pulverise him, this is holy land you ugly motherfucker,
you certainly shouldn’t be touching your GOD DAMN DICK in my GODHOLE.
i’m an educated man.
and i object both MORALLY and CLEVERLY to the way you lurch around
letting me fuck your wife without a word of complaint, without a single MANLY fist
DO YOU THINK I CAME HERE TO FUCK, i came here to box and i’m going to box
however many of your wives i have to fuck
in whatever VISIBLE locale.
i pronounced that with a fucking SNEER, see? i don’t like niggers and i don’t like GOOKS
but you know who i like? i like people i am fucking right at this moment
right now
right at this moment
i like people i am sticking my filthy bitchdick in right at this moment.
i’m beginning to like you.
i’m getting an urge.
open YOUR ASS! OPEN YOUR ASS! i’m going to fuck you till you SHIT CUM AND DIE.

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