Fantasia in C minor, K. 475

Up what red ramp, into what foster home for jelly-intentioned,
treasure-blooded babies hops the earth on its single spherical
leg this cloudless morning with the peace-of-a-tool-shed,
and the wind’s tears blowing on passers’ lips and cheeks like kisses,
I do not have enough boredom or lust to discover. As the dove-soft
twitters of blackbirds mingle with moved about metal, your
excessively ponderous rabbit-songs give me a clue to the underlying
technical excellence of the city’s bubblegum sculptures, (that they
have something of pelvises about them, that their gorgeousness is
directly related to their legs, which are no less rivers for being their beamed,
pillared, and the product of an architecture degree), and I dilute it
into a cosiness that is constantly sharpening its pencil
to draw, one by one, a swarm of butterflies on the horizon.

(played by Piotr Anderszewski)

by Col. Badlwüllz

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