Life In The Strange Dream

Never a wasted moment, though
undulating. First skies, then
plants, then enormous marrows. Big
trees which talk incessantly of
quests and amulets. When I visit
the supermarket I walk past a window
which looks onto fat, heaving bellies
and lucid hairlines of hundreds of
different unfortunate chaps. Dragonflies
are a type of thing which I like –
almost as much as blue and gold
rimmed dresses, which I like.
Goblins verge on the brink of
learning – exchanging mango sorbet
they decry the feel of changing.
‘I am I’ says I to I, plunking
beneath the waves. Down in the
sea are flowerpots and sharks,
and octopi.
All three sit wearily in hollows –
all three know nothing of the changing sky.

by Col. Baldwüllz

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