Funny Poem

Froggy woggy bing bong bosh
is a very long name for a water-
loving frog who wants nothing more
than to splish splash splosh
in the rivulets of rivers running
through the silver marsh.
I am a frog who hops and and leaps.
As of today I am obsessed with
nature and the grass – I cannot
believe the quickness of the
day, nor the speed or rhythm of the farce.
Come lonely bombs and fall on Slough,
or perhaps nearby – just near enough to
sense danger but just far enough to fly. And
be surprised in the middle of
your grief to see a thousand frogs
exist known riverbeds and hop away to me.
I will gather them into my arms,
and hold their webbing to my eyes,
and ride the lonely bombs to Slough,
and pray
to find in lily pads a lovely face which needs me.

by Col. Baldwüllz

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