Architecture student notes. I am an architecture student.

Dear Olbong,
Width with what wit!? With wet weight, what
wanton wascloth whets wheatwood?
I cannot possibly yearn as quietly
as two cents in a pocket, two pence in a purse,
or two babies in a wombly room,
jingle loudly, like bees in Sunday bells.
Thermopylae was rife with rough blokes
and an orange. Any definition of architecture itself
requires a definition and analysis of the concept of space.
Yours Sincerely,

Dear Marge,
Of all the words which you hear throughout your architectural education,
space is one of them.
I care not for space, for time, for you,
or for height. ‘For quotations I care not.’ to quote
Louis Khan, who was wrong. Charles Wesley was wrong
when he said ‘offspring of the virgin’s wum.’
Theo von Doesburg, who said ‘I AM SPACE’
was wrong. I am wrong, but not in anything I have said here.
Yours, Olbong.

Dear Olbong,
You are evidently mighty. I believe
that beliefs and views you hold, when viewed
from the underside of a Spanish galleon
and through the squeaky blowhole of a dolphin,
become broad and wide and concave and temperate.
Pieces of a jigsaw divide us through gaps that only we feel
and only James Stewart, flatbound, sees.
The sheet of a stratum is the beam of a barmcake,
a cake that is bread, and doesn’t have beams.
Yours, Marge.

Dear Marge,
Places don’t exists and it is because they don’t exist
that I am eating this eggs Florentine,
in this Urban humorous cat house. My Epic Work
was to give my cat its own staircase; my trivial work
was to give Denver an opera house. Space is a doubt;
the beauty of rice paper is in its fragility;
the beauty of fragility in its similarity to rice paper.
In 1934 Rudyard Kipling and William Butler Yeats
were awarded the Gothenburg Prize for Poetry. [winks at audience]
or as they say in Sweden [Olbong improvises swedish].

Space, Time and the Politics of Location by Doreen Massey
changed my life. Japan, and other countries
that I haven’t visited, require legal intervention to resolve disputes
amongst the elevated royals and the oil drinkers.
Amongst those that believe I have committed a murderer
there are 7 geese a laying, 6 gold rings, a brick, Henrina Flop,
a cockney flowergirl played by Audrey Hepburn
being taught the Basic Principles of Architecture
by Henry Doo, the entire trade union movement stripped and oiled,
a playboy centrefold, a jewler with one missing finger,
a ring with one missing whole woman, and an a partridge
with a missing pear.

Dear Marge,
The Spartan kafuffle took place under the
jurisdiction of the wider court of gambelers
rolling spherical die and hiding paper cranes
under their criminally large wigs. Jeering powdered faces
watched the theoretically infinite possibilities unfold
(one possibility unfolded). Julius and Rubella Claudio were sentenced
to exile by slip ‘n’ slide. Highest dignity was afforded them.
Altogether others gather, spatial weather, wither and wander.
waste of space, an ugly man in a veil of lace.
Things architects say,

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