Rhapsody in an orange tie

October 3rd, 2016. There is so much I want to remember about you and so little that I actually will,
but if that matters, it doesn’t matter. You are precious and spectacular!
Your are like a barnowl from a famous family of owls. Let me borrow your big wings
and tear off a chunk of that cloud, and feed it to that homeless man.
I feel like I am singing a song about a song that is singing a smaller song!
Such delight in the act of swallowing, such peaceful, languid hoping,
such plush felt embroidery and thunder, rumbling over the hill – the sound of pigeons!
Nottingham, as ever, you are full of beautiful women.
Look at her! smoking on the steps of St. Peter’s in her tracksuit.
Look at the smoke rising and the leaves falling – this is real – She is so beautiful!
Look at those gorgeous brunettes outside that bridal shop and that brunette in the courtyard!
Oh my God! The air smells like an ancient sunflower. I want to fill my (hypothetical) cleavage
with half-dissolved bathbombs. The planet holds a hot rocky boardroom meeting under the road,
but up here, gongs clamour over seas of magic metal, feasts take place everywhere: Good ones!
You can’t throw a rock without hitting a ballerina. A ridiculously pretty English ballerina at that!
Barely-existent squirrels scurry up pillars and my heart chortles!
There are so many men and so many women and so many Octobers in the world!
God swills the human race in his throat, and dribbles them over his shirt.
I am living in the kind of dream a balloon would dream before its life fell apart, the kind of holy
spectacle a balloon would analyse and reanalyse to the point of deep psychosis.
What do the government satellites reading my thoughts think of me right now?
The sea is full of oil and hangovers but my breast is full of how female breasts make me feel.
Today we are all supermodels, and standing still at St. Peter’s Gate ranks with
uncovering the Tomb of King Tut, or planting a hickey on the inner thigh
of a girl with a name as beautiful as Emma or Helena or the word ‘heal’ or the word ‘much’.

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