Scroddy Bibbling

By Aminajad Wof

Can a foggy widnow,
with a pirouetting steeple and silhouetted people
dribbling bodily scribble (on an ethereal scroll)
behind it, bestow
Windowtears on a peoplepane?
We see a white van with canoes
on its roof, under a green leaf with a yellow bruise;
a yellow leaf with a coffee stain
clings to the railing. The night got in a car
last night and, searching for nothing and succeeding, drove around my brain till morning
while you stayed up talking to a Greekblooded girl
whose Über’s driver called himself Bipin. Baa
baa black sheep plays without warning
at an extreme volume over every loudspeaker in the world.

By the author Aminajad Wof

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