Through the Window on the 3rd Floor

By Jonathan Davies

The skyline,
a stuttering pencil sketch of flat bits
and lumpy bits made of thumbprint smudges
and all the rainbow bits coloured in with crayon
and all the monochrome bits you see in vivid cuts
of rare blue red,
and a single falling leaf in its two-tone three-piece
orange brown suit.

it is being chased by a bird
a silent winged acorn
or a very small angel,
wings closed tight
against tight closed breast,
pursuing the leaf
as it spirals toward the ground.

the bird will never catch it
though the leaf moves slowly.

the sky will be blue
for four more hours
then the bird will roost
under the last folded blue
corner of the sky
and the leaf,
will not.


One Comment

  1. This one I find very sharply etched in my head…A tightly focused snapshot.

    For me this is easily your best poem to date…you’ve ripped away all the potentially nebulous layers of philosophizing and pontificating and stamped a vibrant, dynamic image on my mind. You’ve also left any deeper undercurrents of meaning open to my own interpretation…that’s how it should be…well for me anyway! :0)

    Favourite lines:

    “a silent winged acorn
    or a very small angel”



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